HBD Daddy


Today is your birthday in heaven. Looking through all of my memories on FB, every single year I have called you “old man.” Truthfully, you’re not an old man. Today you would have been 49. That is not old, in fact, it is FAR too young. I wish that you were here so Ava could sing Happy Birthday (and blow out your candles a split second too early, stealing the show) and so we could celebrate YOU. The past few days I have been looking through pictures at mom’s and I just miss you. That’s all I can really say. I find myself getting mad at God, wondering why you were taken from us so soon, why my babies don’t get their “pop pop.” But I know that the life you are living up there is pain free, and that is what I have to remember. So, this post is to you, my “old (who’s not even old) man.” I love you so much. They say sometimes memories can sneak out of your eyes and roll down your cheeks, and that couldn’t be more true as I reminisce.

“Today is your birthday that’s what I’ve been told, what a wonderful birthday you’re one more year old. On the cake there will be candles all lighted for you, and the whole world is singing Happy Birthday To You.”

Keep looking out for us up there. I love you forever and always.
Infinite hugs and kisses,



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