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Okay okay okay I know I promised that I was going to keep up with this, but I swear when life happens, it happens fast, and my downtime is not spent writing about how my days are going. I’m SORRY!! Looking at views of this page I realized people check in quite often and now I feel like an a-hole. So. I am BACK! …..For now. Let’s see how long this time lasts.

My last post was in September, about 4 months ago, and wow I feel like so much has happened! That cute little house in Blue Ash we were hoping and praying for, is now ours. We are in love! As far as the house goes, we are still unpacking things. Kevin’s man cave in the basement is finally complete (anyone looking at purchasing a 65 inch curved TV, do it, because life’s short and it’s pretty awesome), Ava’s toy room is complete. Only hiccup we’ve had was deciding to put Ava upstairs in the massive bedroom which we slowly realized was never going to happen. After moving her mattress downstairs we decided that we didn’t want to cosleep with out 3 year old and we moved her bedroom down and put ours up (which makes much more sense I was just nervous to begin with) and bedtime has been smooth sailing since.

Might as well address the one question I get asked frequently, “so are you working?” Nope.  Do I see myself staying home forever? No. I never wanted to do that (hence why I paid an ungodly amount of money to go to college)… but right now it makes sense. And if our family can afford it financially why wouldn’t I? I know I have kind of touched on this before, but stay at home moms deserve so much credit. It’s not easy, or at least not as easy as some people make it out to be. Especially when you have a threenager and a soon to be on the move 7 month old. (YES. seven. months. old… when did that even happen??) While I am at it I might as well update you all on my heathen children (lol).

So, Ava. How do I even describe Ava? Those of you that know Ava know exactly what I am talking about. She is a free spirited, independent, go getter, but has the sweetest heart (even though I struggle to find it some days). Forget the “terrible twos” phase, three is much more challenging. But despite me telling her 574070348 times a day not to jump on the couch, or to get out of the bathroom sink (she obsessively washes her hands 3820989 times a day), or asking for 5 minutes of silence so I can just sit by myself, I love her. So much that it actually hurts me sometimes. All of the time I think about how boring our lives would be without her. Even though she wasn’t “planned” like our Livy girl, she has and always will be one of life’s biggest blessings. This seems obvious, but I’m telling you, sometimes the days are rough and the fight to get her to throw away her used toilet paper is long (I mean really?????), so I have to remind myself that she is so perfect in her own special, crazy way and I will always love her for that. (Even if I am screwed down the road).

Olivia is 7 months old. That is crazy! How can she be 7 months old?? We just started solids within the last month and she is doing great. We are attempting our own version of BLW (google it) but it really makes me nervous, so she is mostly eating purees. She is still breastfed (holla!) and I don’t plan on stopping until she is 1 and switches to cows milk. I honestly think I will have a harder time stopping than she will. I love it! I just want to help everyone who wants to BF to be successful, because I have had such a great experience. Liv is probably days away from crawling, she gets up on all 4 and rocks back and forth and then will reach an arm out and flop to her belly reaching superman style. She is seriously the happiest baby. So laid back, so easy going. Very chill. God knew that I could only handle one Ava, so he gave me her perfect counterpart. They are going to be best friends. I melt at the way Livy looks and smiles at Ava and love watching them play together (even when Ava is screaming because she wants the teether Livy has, like, why?) Speaking of! She has 2 teeth and 2 more on the top coming in. I already miss her gummy grins. Why does time fly when you have kids???

Other than my kids aging at lightning speed, the house coming together slowly but surely, life has been going pretty good. I took a girls trip with my best friends in November and it was AMAZING! Nothing like a little time away to make you realize how good you have it at home. Kevin loves his job (good thing lol) and we enjoy the time we get to spend together as a family, but also as a couple. I think it’s important for any relationship, but especially those with young kids, to get to spend time without them. We have amazing parents who love their gbabies! I have lots of pictures I want to share, but honestly an extra hour of sleep sounds more appealing right now. Promise I will share a bunch soon!

For now, I will keep on keeping on. Do the same “loyal followers.” May your coffee be strong, and your sleep be longer than 3 hour spans,
❤ J


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